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About Us

Owner Marsha Rivera

Marsha Rivera, CLMT, utilizes her extraordinary gift of healing through the art of massage. From a young age she was drawn to massage and through her experiences discovered it to be a powerful way to heal and restore balance to the body. Since 2009, Marsha has put her hands (and feet) on thousands of clients, and offers individuals a deeply healing, relaxing, stress-and-pain relieving experience. She has the ability to intuitively sense the needs of her clients on ALL levels, which shapes her approach with each individual. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Deep Feet Bar Therapy (Ashiatsu). Marsha can also enhance your massage with aromatherapy, himalayan hot stones.  She received her massage training and certification from Alta Massage College, and continues ongoing training to hone her skills.  In addition she received her training and certification for Deep Feet Bar Therapy.

Lic #33444

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DeAnna Carpenter, Sound Healer

DeAnna Lynette Carpenter is a spiritual doula, sound conduit, singer/songwriter, and creator of She Who Builds - a platform and community dedicated to providing women with the resources to go confidently in the direction of their dreams and build the life they imagine.

Through spiritual doulaship (individual and group coaching), domestic and international retreat facilitation, sound baths and healings, mindfulness and more, DeAnna is weaving a web that supports soul remembrance and expression. She brings creativity, appreciation for beauty and innocence, her love of people and the land, authenticity, grounding, compassion, perspective, curiosity, enthusiasm, ceremony, and wisdom to every space she encounters. 

DeAnna is the author of two books: Lessons from the Fall and In My Solitude. In 2018, she released her first album, Tsunami. DeAnna is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Birth Doula and is currently working on her second musical offering, Come Inside.

Patty Ralls, C.M.T

Patty Ralls is a Certified Massage Therapist who discovered the power in her hands and her passion for healing while on the softball fields. She played softball in high school and college and experienced several injuries – each drawing her into a curiosity for, appreciation of, and ultimately, a career in the healing arts, specifically as a massage therapist. 

Patty is an intuitive who listens intentionally to what her clients are saying and what their bodies communicate to her. It is this deep listening – as well as her knowledge of rehabilitation – that guides her practice and inspires each clients’ individual treatments. Patty specializes in energy work, trigger points, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, sports massage and rehabilitation, and therapeutic and relaxation techniques. She received her massage training and certification from the California Healing Arts College and her degree in sports and rehabilitation therapy from Fremont College. 

“I believe I can help anyone – from a couch potato to a professional athlete. During our session, you will hear me telling you to breathe or take a deep breath. I believe the breath is a catalyst for relaxation and for bringing attention inward, telling you, ‘It is time to heal.’”

CMT Member #19292


Maddie Robnett, C.M.T

As a Certified Massage Therapist Maddie Robnett’s passion lies in helping her clients to feel at home in their bodies. Maddie was guided to massage therapy on a whim and quickly felt that she found her calling, Ashiatsu in particular. Having never experienced anything quite like it, she knew it would be a valuable and highly impactful offering for her clients. She uses massage as a tool to release both physical and emotional tension from the body, leaving space for deep healing and regeneration to occur.

Maddie received her training and certification from Carrington College in Spokane, Washington and she specializes in deep tissue, ashiatsu, and relaxation massage. 

CMT Member #90413


Nickee Brown, LMT

Nickee Brown is a celebrity LMT with a specialty in deep tissue and reconstructive physiology, pregnancy and postpartum recovery. She has been a therapist for 23 years, having used her expertise to travel the world as a massage therapist to the stars and music industry and opening up world class spas in London and the UK. She loves healing the body as a whole, and uses her knowledge in natural medicine to balance the body fully. She is proficient in Swedish, stretch therapy, acupressure, trigger point and numerous other modalities. She looks forward to working on you!

CMT Member #49226



"I met Marsha at Burke Williams spa several years ago. I was so happy when she embarked on her own practice. She’s a fantastic massage therapist who is both intuitive and knowledgeable about the human body. Marsha is relentless when it comes to getting rid of all my kinks and scar tissue and leaves me feeling like a wonderful, wet noodle! I highly recommend her!!"

- Lorie Z. Hermosa Beach, CA

"I have been going to Marsha for massage and bodywork for 3+ years. Having been a dancer all my life, there have been multiple occasions that massage has saved my body. It is so beneficial for tightness, strained muscles, misalignment, etc. In my experience it's incredibly difficult to find a masseuse that is able to intuitively cater your sessions based on what your body needs in that moment. Marsha does exactly that and really is the best at what she does. Her physical ability and strength blows my mind. My body always feels brand new after I see her! She truly is incredible. Marsha has a variety of techniques that make it exciting to book a session with her. As well as her physical strength and talent in bodywork, Marsha has the most amazing energy. She is warm and kind and simply being in her presence relaxes you. Massage with Marsha transforms your experience into an otherworldly place; heaven on earth! I highly recommend Marsha to anyone who enjoys massage, has back/body ailments, or simply likes treating themselves to something magical! Marsha is the best, hands down!!!"


- Angela C. Redondo Beach, CA

"Marsha Rivera is the best massage therapist I have experienced. She is extremely professional yet makes me feel so comfortable and completely relaxed for my massage. She really is sensitive to my needs and is fully aware of how to work on me to best benefit me. She is so easy to be with yet so strong and successful in relieving my tight muscles which enables me to participate in my athletics. Marsha is really an expert. I have recommended her to many friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so. Marsha is an excellent massage therapist and deserves an award for being so awesome!"


- Niki S. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Our Policy

Scheduling:  While last minute appointment requests may be accommodated based on availability, it is best to book one week in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

Late Arrivals: If you are late for an appointment you will receive the remaining time within your scheduled window, out of consideration for other client appointments.  

Cancellations and No Shows: Cancellations and reschedules will be accepted up to 24 hours prior to the confirmed appointment without fee. Cancellation must be made via phone call to 310.361.9189. If you call to cancel within the 24 hour window you will be responsible for 50% of the payment before receiving another treatment. If you fail to cancel or show, you will be responsible for payment in full before receiving another treatment.

Ethics: All massage services offered are strictly non-sexual. Any sexual remarks or misconduct made by the client will result in the session being terminated immediately, and the client will be responsible for payment in full.

Payment: Over the Moon Massage accepts Cash or Credit Card Payment.

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