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Rock in Sand


Women's Wellness Retreat Hosted by Marsha Rivera & Casie Formiller


 MARCH 9 - 12 2023


Every woman deserves a moment: 

  • to heal

  • to replenish

  • to nourish and be nourished

  • to reflect

  • to connect with her inner compass and all that brings her joy.

And every woman deserves time alone in Nature in the solitude and brilliance of her own company.


Nourish Your Soul Women’s Wellness Retreat is intentionally curated to give you that moment for yourself and to support you in taking a much-needed respite from your day to day. This four-day, three-night experience, hosted by Marsha Rivera and Casie Formiller, is for the woman who holds it all together on her job, in her household, in her business, and for her family and friends and for a few days, would welcome the chance to be poured into her true self, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is for the woman who is seeking to refill her creative coffers amidst the stunning pink sunsets and healing vortexes of the expansive and picturesque Ojai valley. 


Marsha Rivera__2018__3.jpeg

Marsha is a healer. She has been described as, intuitive, knowledgeable, warm, kind, and (likely her most favorite), magical. Blessed with the ability to communicate with her clients, she can accurately work on your unique needs for massage. Whether you are looking for relaxation, stress relief, or help with acute or chronic pain, she will work her magic and you will leave feeling better.

Retreats are one of her favorite ways to share her passion for nature, massage, and other healing work. Helping others to feel empowered to use their own intuition and find a peaceful space in their life through massage, nature, creating, and time for healing themselves.

Her goal for your session is that you leave feeling “Over the Moon”.

Casie is the co-creator of Nourish Your Soul Retreat, and an administrative assistant at Over the Moon Wellness. A few years ago she began exploring her spirituality in a quest to heal and has only become more intrigued and curious.  Because she is constantly exploring new classes, experiences, and modalities, she is excited to be introducing our hand selected practitioners to help you on your journey to Nourish Your Soul. She believes that we are all here to learn and therefor she loves being a student of the "Earth School.”


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Please see the room options below.
Prices are per person. All restrooms will be shared.


DeAnna Lynette Carpenter

DeAnna is a healing artist, teacher, and creator of She Who Builds - a platform and community that supports women in confidently architecting and building a holistic life of their imagination. She is on a mission to inspire healing, which she describes as "a remembrance of and returning to one's Truest self." Through spiritual doulaship (individual and group coaching), domestic and international retreat facilitation, sound baths and healings, kundalini yoga, mindfulness and more, DeAnna brings creativity, appreciation for beauty and innocence, her love of people and the land, authenticity, grounding, compassion, perspective, curiosity, enthusiasm, ceremony, and wisdom to every space she encounters. 

DeAnna is the author of two books: Lessons from the Fall and In My Solitude. In 2018, she released her first album, Tsunami. DeAnna is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and birth doula, and is currently working on her second musical offering, Come Inside.

Emma Lynn 


A Self Mastery Mentor and Root-Cause Functional Therapist, 

Emma is here to offer the world a new way of being. Her purpose is to facilitate one's journey of self discovery and she does so by incorporating what she has found to be the two deepest portals to self awareness – one's BODY and BUSINESS.  She supports people to get out of their own way, shed misaligned programming, connect the dots of their life, become fluent in their own inner wisdom and ultimately liberate themselves into alignment with their highest potential. She does this by using a multi-modality highly personalized process that is rooted in: holistic psychology, therapeutic techniques and trauma informed healing, nervous system recalibration, neuroscience, human design, ancient wisdom and subconscious reprogramming. Emma's mission lies in the belief that knowing ourselves is the root of all knowing. She safely guides her clients into a life of true soul fulfillment, internal peace and freedom.  To be living proof – just like you.

Screenshot dr brian_edited.jpg
Bryan Grijalva 

Bryan is a holistic healer, psychic and the founder of the Sacred Circle healing center. He has two decades of experience as both healing facilitator and educator. He is an expert in over two dozen distinct healing modalities and has trained in many more.  Bryan  believes that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind, body and soul are completely healthy. That's why he takes a holistic, nurturing and completely non judgmental approach to your health so that you can Be > (greater than) whatever physical, emotional or spiritual blockages that are preventing you from living your best life yet! The body wants to heal itself but sometimes it needs a little encouragement. Through the expert use of spiritually centered physical healing modalities.

Dori Lancaster 

Dori pours love into every meal she prepares. You will see that serving people and empowering them on their wellness journey, is her passion and life's purpose. For the past two decades, Dori has developed her career. Starting as a massage therapist, her knowledge and passion for holistic health blossomed. In 2008, Dori launched Healing Thru Food to create a safe space that encourages healthy, lasting change. In 2020, Dori combined her passion for food and wellness with her vast knowledge in body therapy and launched Dori Lancaster: Empowered Wellness. She is passionate about helping people transition to a plant-based lifestyle, and is also well-versed and experienced in offering support with various health issues. These days, Dori stays quite busy as a retreat chef, cooking plant-based meals for events. She loves to travel and serve up nourishing meals that are noticeably filled with love. We cannot wait for you to experience her talents!

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