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Go ahead and catch a wave with my Surf Wax soy candle! Seriously refreshing, Surf Wax captures the freedom of long sunny summer days and moments spent lounging on the beach. This candle invigorates and invites you to simply have a good time! Complete with our teal wavy lid.


Infused with: Coconut, Lime, Ozone, and Vanilla



  • 100%  soy wax
  • High-quality toxin-free fragrance oil
  • Zinc and lead-free cotton/paper braided wick
  • Epoxy resin art lid

Beach Days Sea Series

  • Hand poured in Redondo Beach, CA

  • Each lid is a unique piece, meaning that no two lids will ever look the exact same! The images provided show the general color and style of the Surf Wax lid. Please keep this in mind when ordering, cheers!